Food Bank

Food Bank

EMERGENCY FOOD FOR RIDGE Nevada County Office of Emergency Services will be conducting Drive-Through Emergency Food Distributions on Thursday, April 16, from 10 to 1:00, at three different venues. To avoid traffic problems, clients may go to ONE, closest to their homes.

For the Ridge, Cruzon, Old Mill, Jackass Flats, Sages, etc.:GRIZZLY HILL SCHOOL

North San Juan, Camptonville, Oak Tree, etc.:NSJ FIRE HALL *Enter from Cherokee Street, Off Oak Tree*

Hwy 49, and areas to South, lower Tyler Foote, etc.MILHOUS FEED

County people will be conducting the distributions, but may need a few volunteers to assist them. If you’d like to participate, with self-supplied gloves, mask, and safety, please contact David Kopp, at 265-7029, who will direct you to their location team leaders.